8 Money Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

We are all looking for ways to try and save money.  My husband and I have been on a debt-free quest for a few years now (you can read our story here) and we are so close to being debt-free except for the house!  These are some of the money hacks we have used to help us get to this point.

1. Know what to buy when

Sales go in cycles, and knowing when everything is at its lowest will save you big money.  I’m sure you already know the tricks like shopping for clothes at the end of the season, but did you know that groceries and other items are more likely to be on sale at certain times of the year?  They are!  Stock up by checking out this list.

2. Use cash back programs to save money on things you already buy

There are a ton of apps and programs that will save you money on things you are going to buy anyways.  My favorite money saver if I’m shopping online is ebates.  It’s so easy – just log in to ebates first and use their link to go to your favorite store (even Amazon!) and they add up the savings for you.  If you want to check them out, use the link below.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

3. Try a money savings challenge

Want a fun way to motivate yourself to save money?  Try one of the money challenges!  From saving every $5 bill you come across to putting aside a certain amount per week, these challenges have popped up everywhere because they can really work.  Here are a couple of my favorite challenges to motivate you:

26 Week Christmas Saving Challenge – start saving for Christmas early and don’t go in debt this year!

The Envelope Saving Challenge – this is a fun and frugal way to save!

The Penny Challenge – don’t have much to save?  Try this super simple challenge!

4. Always buy these things at the Dollar Store

Some things are always cheaper at the Dollar Store, while other things seem like a good deal but aren’t.  Knowing what is always cheaper there will save you both time and money.  It’s often much quicker and easier for us to run into our local Dollar Tree instead of a larger store, and for these items it saves us money, too.  Here is a list of all the things to buy at the Dollar Store.

5. Use coupons to score free or nearly free things

We rarely use coupons around here because they don’t have too many coupons for items we eat but we do use coupons for toiletries and household items.  We have scored free deals on razors, shampoo and more.  Use these couponing sites to find deals:

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Southern Savers

6. If you have kids, take advantage of Kids Eat Free deals

We have four kids, so we often hit the restaurants that offer kids eat free promotions.  We can find a deal for almost any night of the week and the savings really add up.  Since we utilize them so often I compiled a list of all the great Kid’s Eat Free Promotions!

7. Save spare change

We had a really hard time getting our budget under control until we switched to the envelope system.  Now we use cash for a lot of different areas of our budget (not all!) and we have started saving up the extra change and it’s really added up!  If you don’t want to switch to cash, see if your bank has a program to round up to the nearest dollar.  Bank of America does and we have saved over $3000 using it!  It’s called Keep the Change and they round up every purchase to the nearest dollar and deposit it daily in your savings.

8. Use this trick to pay off your mortgage early

Instead of sending in one monthly payment to the bank, consider breaking up your payment into two payments a month or weekly payments.  This will ensure you make an extra house payment every year – which goes to your principle instead of interest, helping you pay off your house faster.

Have another money hack that isn’t listed here?  Leave a comment below!