Items to Always Buy at the Dollar Store

Not everything is a better deal at a Dollar Store.  We have Dollar Tree stores around us and have found that there are some items that are always cheaper and others that seem like a good deal but can really be found cheaper elsewhere, especially for the quality.  You’ll save a bunch of money if you always buy these items at a Dollar Store.

Party Supplies

1. Gift Bags

We always buy gift bags at our local Dollar Tree.  You could easily pay $4 for the same size bag at Target and you can get it for $1!  Whenever we need to pick up a gift we make sure to stop by the Dollar Tree for the bag.

2. Tissue Paper

While we are picking up our gift bag we also make sure to pick up a package of tissue paper.  A package easily takes care of more than one bag plus it is great for crafts, too!

3. Plastic Utensils

These are not the best quality, but for cake and party food – they’re a huge money saver!

4. Serving Trays

I love their little plastic serving trays for holding the different types of food I serve at parties.   I love to do themed birthdays and can always find something to hold the food in at my Dollar Tree.

5. Serving Utensils

These go along so well with the serving trays and are super cheap!

6. Helium Balloons

I have noticed that this is one thing that seems to sell more than any other at our local stores.  People are always waiting to have their balloons filled up.  They always have some pre-filled and ready to go, too and you save several bucks on each balloon.

7. Vases and other party decor

I love to use their balloon weights just as decorations.  They have vases and other wedding-type items as well that you can use for party decor without breaking the bank.

8. Streamers

The streamers are a great deal, too, with two rolls per bag for a dollar.

9. Seasonal Items

They always have a great deal on holiday items, from Easter to Halloween to Christmas.  You can find great deals to celebrate any season.

10. Tablecloths

We always buy our tablecloths at the Dollar Tree.  They get the job done just as well and only cost a buck!

11. Greeting Cards

Cards at other stores have gotten so expensive!!  Why pay $5 or more for a card when a lot of the Dollar Stores sell theirs at 2 for a dollar?

Personal Care Items

12. Toothbrushes

We buy our toothbrushes at the Dollar Tree as well.  Sure, they aren’t fancy, but they get the job done for a lot less money.  You can pick up cheap kids toothbrushes there as well.

13. Cotton Swabs

We have found these aren’t quite as good as the name brand Q-Tips, but for less than half the price they are worth the money.  There are so many uses for these, too.  Use them for crafting, applying cosmetics, and more.

14. Pregnancy Tests

Every time we were trying to conceive I made sure to stock up on the Dollar Tree pregnancy tests.  The ones at the other stores cost at least $5 each but these work just as well for $1!!  Sure, they aren’t digital, but they are still super easy to read and work just like the standard ones – two lines means you’re preggers.

15. Some Medications

Not all medicines are a good deal here, however sometimes you can find name brand medicines.

16. Reading Glasses

These are a great deal, too – especially if you are one of those people who misplace yours because you can afford several pair for the price you’d pay for one pair somewhere else.

17. Cosmetics

Again, in this category you will have to search out the name brand items but they can be found for a dollar at some stores!

18. Sunscreen

This is another item that has gotten really expensive elsewhere but can still be found at a local Dollar Store for a fraction of the cost.  Of course, it is a smaller container but we have found it is still cheaper per ounce.

19. Hair Accessories

Some of the hair accessories there don’t last long, but there are plenty of hair elastics and other items that are name brand!

For the Kiddos

20. Candy

Sure, there are some generic brands here, but you can also find movie theater style candies here that are name brand as well and will save you money over buying them at other stores, although I have seen these candies for sale at Wal Mart for the same price.

21. Coloring Books

We have picked up some pretty sweet coloring books here.  My sons’ favorite was all about trucks.  We’ve even purchased some of the huge ones that are 2′ tall for just a buck!

22. Puzzles

We also pick up puzzles and small toys here when we go on vacation for a week during the summer.  I make some activities for the kids to play while we are at the hotel.  Puzzles are great for this and only $1!

23. Some toys

Most of the toys here are not a great deal because they are super cheap quality, but you can pick up name brand small cars, plastic animals and some other items that the kids love.

For the Home

24. Disposable Containers

The tupperware-type containers here are not the best for storing food, but they are great for holding craft supplies, office supplies and other non-food items.

25. Seasonal Decor

Our local Dollar Tree always has a great selection of decorations for the holidays.  If you like to decorate for each season or holiday, you can score some great inexpensive items.

26. Dishes

Mugs, plates, glasses and more!  I have a large mug that I got at my local Dollar Tree and I use it for everything from cereal to soups to mug cakes and I love it.  It’s been through the dishwasher a ton of times and still looks good as new.  I’ve seen comparable ones at other stores for $5 or more!  The other real (not plastic) dishes are good, too.

27. Cleaning Supplies

You can get a broom, mop, or dust pan with a handle for a dollar.  For this price, we keep one on the screened porch, one in the garage, and one in the kitchen.  I love the dustpans with the handles, too, so I don’t have to stoop down to sweep it up (especially when i was hugely pregnant!!).  We have used a couple of them until they broke, but to be fair my husband is pretty rough with them and for only $1 we can easily replace them.

28. Vases

There are a lot of different sizes and shapes of vases at our Dollar Tree, so if you are looking for something to hold a floral arrangement you can pick up some cute clear glass ones for a dollar.

29. Picture Frames

Why buy expensive picture frames?  If you are looking for a smaller frame you can pick one up at your local store and it looks just as good as a frame that cost more money.

Craft Supplies

30. Floral Foam

This stuff can get pretty expensive at other stores but you can find quite a selection at the Dollar Tree.

31. Artificial Flowers

If you like to craft with artificial flowers, check out the ones they have at your local Dollar Store.  You can use these with your foam to make some great crafts!

32. Twine

Great for lots of different crafts and way more expensive at other stores, pick some up for just a dollar here!

33. Craft Paper

When I was at my local store the other day I saw some heavy brown craft paper that is great for covering boxes, whether you want to mail them or craft with them.  It’s great for the kids to draw on, too!

34. Glitter

You can get glitter in a lot of different colors and containers in the little craft section of your local Dollar Store.  We personally don’t do glitter in our house because the four boys would make such a mess, but if it’s your thing you can get it cheap here.

35. Clothes Pins

Pick up a pack of clothes pins for crafting or for their original use here.  I like to use them with the twine to make an area to hang the kids’ artwork.

36. Foam Boards

Great for crafts or school projects.  Our local Wal Mart has them for $2.97 each.  When I need a lot of these for my class (I’m a teacher) I will order them online through the Dollar Tree website and get a package of 25 for $25 plus tax.  Can’t beat that deal!

37. Popsicle Sticks

These are great for crafting and you can often find them in many different colors.

Have any more great deals at you favorite Dollar Store?  Leave a comment below!

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