Make Money from Home with Textbroker (Honest Review)

You can quickly and easily make legitimate money at home writing for textbroker. Here is an honest review and how to get started.

Make money writing articles at home!

How It Began

Right before 2016 began I found myself checking out Pinterest to kill some time and ran across a recommended post that started my life down a new path.  It was about making money in your spare time online and it really interested me.  I mean, who doesn’t want to make more money, right?  I clicked on it and found out there are so many different ways you can earn money from home, even if you don’t want to give up your day job.

I pinned it and from there began lots of recommended pins related to making extra money at home.  One thing that came up over and over again was freelance writing.  I’ve always been pretty good at writing and my grammar skills are pretty good (I know I make the occasional mistake!) so I thought I would give it a try but didn’t know where to start.  Then I found this post about how the author left her job for a freelance writing career and went for it!

I didn’t know anything about content mills or that anything like them even existed.  I thought you had to think of an idea for an article, write it, then try to send it around to magazines or websites and hope that they like it.  Then, when you have worked with some publishers and they like your stuff, they might contact you and ask for a particular article.  In my mind, that was what freelance writing was.   I’m sure that is part of it, but what Textbroker does is content writing.  You write content for websites based on what the client wants.

How to Get Started

To begin with Textbroker, you create an account.  They ask for a writing sample and you have to wait a few days to hear back from them.  Before they will look at your sample you have to prove you live in the US by sending them a copy of an ID (like your driver’s license, but you can black out the license number).  I did a ton of research on them first and really liked this post from Equipping Godly Women.  She even has a video that walks you through Textbroker and it was helpful for me to know what I was getting into while I was waiting to hear back from them.  I submitted my sample and ID and waited.

While I was waiting I got the go-ahead from another site and was so excited I started working there.  I did a few jobs but found that writing 300 word articles for $1.27 wasn’t worth it.  One even got rejected and I was really hurt, but in my defense, the client was extremely vague about what they wanted so I guess they had something else in mind.  As soon as Textbroker approved me with a 4-star rating I jumped right in!

I found the pay on Textbroker to be much better than the other site I was writing for so I quickly wrapped it up with that site (on both you have to get a minimum amount for them to pay you) and asked for my payoff.  That site charged me $1 processing fee, so essentially I wrote a 300-word article for nothing!!  Now I have only been using Textbroker and really like them a lot.  One 2,000+ word article alone netted me over $30 and it was a topic I love to write and learn about – food!

When you look at all the possible orders, you can click on them to read more information, then if you like the article idea and want to write it you go forward with it.  You generally have between 1 and 3 days to complete the article and the time limit will be clearly stated before you start.

How Do You Get Paid?

You need to have at least $10 in earnings to have Textbroker deposit your money into your Paypal account.  You get paid when a client accepts your article so you don’t have to wait for it to be published.  It’s easy to earn at least $10.  A client can accept your work and give you feedback, or they can wait 3 days and after that time it will be automatically accepted.  I’ve only had a couple of them that waited, most of the clients will go ahead with your work when they receive it.  They can choose to have you revise the article or they can reject it, but Textbroker keeps up with their rejection rate so you can check that out if you like before you choose to write their article.

They pay every Friday, all you have to do is ask for a payout by the end of the day on Thursday.  They pay on time and I haven’t seen any processing fees like I did with the other site.  So far I am just taking open orders (anyone at your star rating can complete them) but you can also join teams and clients can request you if they want.  Team Orders and Direct Orders pay more, but so far I am just doing it casually and don’t mind the open order system.

The Verdict

Textbroker is a legitimate way to make extra money on the side if you have any kind of writing talent.  I’ve seen people posting online that they easily make $100 or so a week with them and I think this is very doable if you don’t care what you write about.  I tend to be picky and if I don’t see an article I particularly want to write I don’t write anything, but if I really needed the money I would be writing as many articles as possible.

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So what do you think?  Is online writing something you’d try?  Leave a comment below and check out Textbroker if you are interested in joining and making some money with your writing!